Glass Art Splashbacks

At Seein Glass, it’s our goal to make people happy through the creation of glass art that enlivens their home or business. We look at glass as a translucent canvas upon which we can create a vivid colour splash that brings life, energy and personality into a room.

The Seein Process

In fact, that’s how we got started in this business in the first place – exploring creative possibilities and expanding on what we knew was possible with glass. Today, Seein Glass makes creative glass art splashbacks and other digital glass products such as windows, skylights and panels. We offer a broad range of glass types, from textured glass to laminated glass with fabric or images inside. We can also do shapes and cut-outs for an intricate and unusual final look. Plus we guarantee a true colour splash by using low iron glass which allows for the freshest and most vivid reproduction of colour in our digital prints.

Truly Unique Designs

When you’re looking for a glass art piece that’s truly creative and unique, whether it’s a splashback or a window, Seein Glass specialise in one-off, customised designs. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire process so that we have a strong understanding of their needs and tastes. It’s our ultimate goal to produce a final piece that’s a genuine piece of art as well as a true reflection of the client.

Contact Us

If you’d like to speak to us directly about the unique glass piece you’d like us to create, give us a call on 0407 03 04 07

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