About Us – Seein Glass

The Seein Glass Story

Glass helps you to see inside to the heart of a building. We create glass that helps you see the heart of those who dwell within.

Seein Glass is a company that has grown organically, planted from a seed of creativity and joyfulness. It was created and founded by Joe Ross and Renae Harkness, a husband and wife team. Together, they feel that the business fuses all the skills and experience they’ve gathered in their lives. They also feel that the business found them, rather than the other way round!

Joe has a background in both the print and glass industries. Renae also has print in the blood as a descendant of David Syme, fearlessly progressive editor-in-chief of the Age in the 19th century. In addition to this, she’s worked in the mineral industry, providing specimens for museums, jewellers, artists and healers. She also has experience in hypnotherapy, counselling and youthwork, as well as strong artistic abilities as a designer and photographer.

One day, while experimenting with creative possibilities, Joe merged one of his photographs of Melbourne city with one Renae had taken of a crystal and printed it onto the surface of a small piece of glass. When a passing architect saw this piece at Joe’s workplace, he was so taken by the image that he asked to purchase it for use in his latest project. (Much to their surprise, this turned out to be a large scale vinyl print in the Diamond bar at Etihad stadium!) When the architect asked the couple the name of their business, Renae responded with “Seein”, a combination of the names of their two daughters, Sienna and Indi – and the company was born!

(It really is a family business, too, as Indi contributed a picture she took when she was three years old – and which was eventually sold to a client in WA for a splashback!)

The Seein Difference

At Seein Glass, every aspect of the work is done in-house, from design and graphics to pre-press and printing. This allows us to bring a personal touch to everything we do. We work collaboratively with our clients, listening to your needs and trading ideas. Any piece we create can be customised to your specific requirements – whether you’re looking for plain colours or patterns, abstract or digital imagery, the only limit is your imagination!

At Seein, we value building relationships with our customers. Consultation doesn’t stop at the first meeting – we will continue to provide support, assistance and guidance throughout the entire process. Our main motivation is the joy of seeing our art out in the world and making people happy. Our desire is to create a piece that will make your area come to life, whether it’s a kitchen, living room, bar or reception area.

We can create splashbacks, glass panels, mirrors and even skylights. We can go beyond glass, too, printing designs on vinyl and wood. If you have an idea of something you would like created, give us a call – you never know what’s possible!  Seein Nature Image on Glass



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