Flowing Images

Flowing images bring a calming energy into any space, they can connect all the elements together to create a feeling of harmony and togetherness for the heart of your home.

When there are multiple panels and joins need for any job, we create the flowing image so that is moves through the whole space. Creating one flowing movement rather than a repeated pattern starting and joining at every panel.

The depth and sizes of the movement in the image can change in size depending on the space and what you want. We will always give our clients a few variations of each design mocked up in the space so that you can visually see what it will look like in the space.

Sometimes we merge a few of our flowing images into one to give the design more layers, colours, depth and feeling, this is something that we can create together and usually evolves through the journey of creation and design.

Any colours and tones are possible. This is your space and it is all about what you want, what makes you feel good and what you want in your space, your home, your sanctuary. We will help create what it is that you desire.

Grey flowing image printed glass splash back

Grey flowing image printed glass splash back