Rocks, Marbles, Stones

Rocks, Marbles, Stones

Rocks, marbles, stones are images that make beautiful splash backs for any kitchen, laundry or bathroom.

They bring an elegance to the space and blend together with all elements. There are many benefits of having photo’s of rocks, marble and stone printed onto glass. Such as glass in non porous, easy to clean, it is more effective with weight bearing issues and can be lower in price.

The images we have in our gallery are just a few, we have many more in our private gallery. All of our images can be altered to suit each space. We can change the colours, depth, layout, size of the veins and the amount of veins/patterns.

If we don’t have the rock, marble or stone image you are wanting, we can create it for you. There are may examples of our printed glass splash backs with rocks, marble and stone images in our website in the drop down box “Gallery – Installations”

Along with using rocks, marble and stone for splash backs, they are fantastic in the front of bars, front of counters and as a feature when back lit. Back lighting these images brings a whole new feeling and takes them to a whole new level. Creating an ambience that warms the heart and bring a calming energy to the space. There are so many wonderful ways you can use printed glass images.

You can also see many other examples of our work through Houzz.

Houzz is a great place to get ideas and inspiration for all your building, renovating and designing projects.

Marble printed glass splashback

Black & White marble printed glass splash back