Unique Printed Glass Splashbacks in Melbourne

Glass is a beautiful product, bringing life to any environment. At Seein, we’ve developed our glass printing techniques over years of skill, trial and experimentation. That’s how we’ve learnt to produce unique printed glass splashbacks and other products with the most vivid and vivacious effect. We use low iron glass which eliminates the green tinge found in standard glass. This allows for truer colour representation and achieves better colour accuracy. Glass Splashback Melbourne

Glass Splashbacks – Beauty and Function in One

Splashbacks serve an important function in any kitchen or laundry, helping you to keep your surfaces clean and hygienic. In this setting, glass offers a host of benefits: it’s modern, hygienic, easy to clean, and low maintenance, unlike tiling which may trap dirt and grime within its grouting.

However, there’s another benefit that laundry and kitchen splashbacks offer: beauty. These products offer an ideal way to combine practicality and aesthetics in one. A splashback can change the look of an entire room, infusing it with warmth and personality, without the need to undergo a complete remodel. And with Seein, you can create glass in whatever colours, patterns or pictures you’d like – we have plain glass, metallic glass, printed glass and mirror available for all your splashback needs. Make the space truly your own with printed glass kitchen splashbacks from Seein!

Printed Glass Options

As well as kitchen splashbacks, we can also create a variety of glass products, from windows to skylights. All of our products are available on a variety of glass types: flat, textured, toughened and tinted. We also have laminated glass options available with printed images or fabrics inside, enabling the image to be viewed from both sides. This is fantastic for glass feature windows, or when you want to block unsightly views.

We can also do complex shapes, cut outs and power point cut-outs, enabling the creation of truly stunning and unique designs. All of our glass comes with highly polished edges that are safe to touch with high quality finishes.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can bring your unique glass creation to life!