Custom Seein abstract design - Red & Grey swirl

Custom Seein abstract design – Red & Grey Swirl

Printed Glass Splashbacks

Printed glass is our specialty – Through sharing our Love and Passion for the art of Digital Printing on Glass, we create and provide custom made panels of “ART ON GLASS” enhancing the clients environment, creating a lasting positive effect.

Our specialty – “Printed Glass Splashbacks”

We have a reputation in the glass, print and building industry as being the best – the printed glass specialist! This is our passion, we have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to digital printing on glass for architectural application. “it is our quality that sets us apart” 

There are 2 main elements in printing on glass and if you know what your doing then the results are outstanding.

1: Art

The art/image is a huge part of printed glass. If the image isn’t right then it WONT work. Glass is a very unforgiving product, it is NON porous, reflective, big and viewed at close range – there is NO room for error. Majority of stock images will not work as they were not created for the use of printing on glass in large scale. We create high resolution, high quality images ourselves, specifically for large format printing onto glass and other tricky mediums. If we use a stock image or a supplied photograph/image, we have the skills to make sure it works or to find a similar one that will work.

2: Printing

A lot of skills and technique is involved in the digital printing – graphics, pre press, printing and more. The art need to be sized, layouts are required, everything is reversed as we print on the back of the glass. Preparation is important for making the whole image flow throughout multiple panels to ensure that the image lines up perfectly in the joins. There was no machine that was created for the type of fine art printing onto glass that we do. Every machine has its own colour profile that it comes with, these colour profiles are how a machine interprets colour. We have created our own colour profiles for printing onto glass. This came from years of experimenting, tweaking,playing and passion. We call our profiles JM (Joe’s Magic) these colour options are exclusive to Seein clients only. Once a design is picked by our clients, we show samples of the design printed in both our JM colour profile and the machines colour profile. In all the years we have been printing on glass (over 10 years) EVERY client has chosen JM Joe’s Magic! You won’t get these colours from anywhere else. They are created with soul, you can see and feel the warmth of the soul in the colours.

It is always a good idea to get samples of printed glass. 1 sample to show you the whole design/image and the other printed 1-1 scale so you can see the quality and resolution when it will be blown up. You want to be sure that the image will not blow out and the quality stays high no matter what size it is. You are guaranteed to get the highest quality printed glass through us. To hear some of our clients have to say about us click on this link to our Houzz reviews page Best customer service for Houzz 2016



Printed glass splash back installation with a custom red and grey abstract design.

Printed glass splash back with a custom Seein abstract design