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Rainbow abstract printed glass splashback

Colour therapy in the home

Colour therapy or the art of healing with colour has been practised for eons.

Colour is simply light broken up into various wavelengths, with each colour having its own wavelength of electro-magnetic energy that is seen through our eyes. The colours of a rainbow seperate because each colour has a different wavelength. Red has the longest wavelength and the slowest frequency, violet has the shortest wavelength and the fastest frequency.

Colours are connected with our feelings and emotions, they have impact on our sense of well-being, we use colours as a way of self-expression, colours have symbolic meanings that differ from culture to culture, Colours affect our way of perception.

So while we may all agree that colour can have strong effect on perceptions, feelings and interactions not everyone will agree on what those effects are. Different colours evoke different feelings, memories and emotions in individuals so when it comes to choosing colours for your home you have to to go with your gut, as you know whats best for you, you are the one who feels what you feel.

I love colour and i love the idea of colour therapy, it makes sense to me and what i have learnt from spending so much time with people in their homes designing splash backs for their kitchen or other spaces, is that colour is important, people want to bring colour into their home to invoke a feeling of joy and happiness and to bring meaning and to drive inspiration into their life.

Many kitchen designs are today created with neutral tones, white’s, black’s, grey’s, brown’s, cream’s and beige. The most common thing that my clients say is “everything is so neutral so i want to bring some colour into the space”  Coloured bench tops, cupboards, walls and flooring are a thing of the past when it comes to kitchen design and it works, although it can feel empty, cold and disconnected. It seems that splash backs are the perfect area of the space to incorporate colour to spark some life and energy back into the space.

We create our designs with colour therapy in mind, we look at the space, get to know our clients and work together on creating a splash back that incorporates colour that connects with the space and surrounding environment and with colours that connect intimately with our clients. We explore the meaning of colours together with our clients in the aim that they are left with a positive feeling from their splash back that can continuously bring a joyous healing energy into their home.

Colour therapy wheel

Colour therapy wheel

Red: Brings warmth, energy & stimulation, red is the colour of passion, strength and motivation. Red promotes activity and stimulation.

Orange: Envokes creativity, it is warm, optimistic and a very social colour. If you love entertaining or would like to entertain more often, then orange is the perfect colour for the kitchen and dining room.

Yellow: Joy and happiness radiates from yellow, it is light, pure, positive and uplifting in nature. Yellow will bring warmth, love and light into your space.

Green: The healing colour connected with the heart. Green emits kindness, compassion, caring and listening into the world.

Blue: If you feel you need to slow down, you have a busy life then blue is the colour for you. It is calming, peaceful and is known for lowering our blood pressure. Peaceful and tranquility emerges form blue.

Purple: The spiritual colour, wisdom, intuition, and perception are the essence of purple. Purple is gentle, soothing and often used to promote self esteem, self love and respect.

For more information on colour therapy or colour therapist check out this link for the natural therapy pages, they have many colour therapists that are worth checking out. The world of colour is fascinating and can change your life for the better.

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