Choosing a Splashback with your marble or granite bench tops

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Marble printed glass splashback

Choosing a splashback with your marble or granite bench tops

If you fell in love with a beautiful slab, pair it up with a beautiful splash back that will highlight it at its best.

Choosing a splashback to flow with your bench tops and cupboards can be overwhelming. This is a common issues with most new kitchen designs and upgrades, so i thought that i would show some examples of kitchens that we created custom splash backs for that have marble and granite for bench tops.

Granite can be tricky as there are so many variations in colours and patterns. Some are thin and delicate and others can be dense and busy, some are light and some are dark, some are more natural with lots of negative space throughout, while some are very dotty. It can be difficult matching the same stone as a splash back and often the weight is too much for the floor bearings.

We have created a variety of printed glass splash backs for kitchens that have marble or granite in the space.

Glass is non pours and easy to clean, it is reflective and brings light into the space and it keeps the weight lower for the floor. Some samples that i have posted include matching stone, this is where we have taken photos of the stone and printed it onto glass. We have created subway tiles through a graphics art program (we even managed a 3d effect, they look so real) and then there is the many other images we have created, in various colours, styles and sizes. Each splash back is created with the whole space in mind, the floors, bench tops, cupboards and connecting rooms and of course what it is that our clients are wanting to feel in the heart of their home.

Now that you have seen some ideas you can start to play with colours, sizes, shapes and the style of your splash back, the most important thing to remember is to HAVE FUN! get creative this is a journey to enjoy that should leave a positive feeling with you! you can check out more of our splash backs married with stone bench tops in our gallery  via this link


Soft earthy abstract printed glass splash back

Soft abstract with deep red/brown granite bench top

antique mirror splash back

Antique micro splash back

Grey dandies with quantum quartz bench tops

Grey dandies with quantum quartz bench top

white and brown squiggle abstract

White and brown abstract

Blue marble

Blue marble

Grey sandstone printed glass splash back

Grey sandstone

Red marble glass splash back

Red marble glass splash back

abstract printed glass splash back rainbow squiggle

Rainbow squiggle